Valuing Intangible Skills

Dear Persons in Charge of Hiring,

Tangible skills are easy to identify and prove, but the power and the gems are in the intangible skills to get the work done in harmony and strength with the team.

How does one value or even notice intangible skills to even be able to value them? Let’s take diplomacy, the ability to build a relation in order to work together is an intangible capacity. Many things that happen in this world is actually because of someone’s diplomatic capacity.

Corporate, corridor, soft diplomacy, are all about genuine connections and conversations, truly listening and understanding, all requirements to be able to do work, but these are skills that cannot be quantified. You cannot measure soft power. It is just a capacity that has a huge, silent benefit.

But in the world when people want you to give examples of how you did this and that, those elements of building a connection with someone is often omitted by the listener. The actions in between are key and especially when someone works in an international environment and directly with customers, it is most definitely a skills they possess and should be valued.

So how does one measure this? You don’t, you can’t. It can be seen in the pathway someone has carved out for themselves, the place and people they’ve worked with and for.